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The Fruit Aspect infuses Plants with Food Food. A learned ability of the Forest Giant, this Aspect's effect on plant life increases the Food Food the plant generates, adding even more food within a rich presence of Natura Natura.

Aspect Levels

Aspect level Ambassador(s) required 67% Chance 33% Chance
1 1 Forest ambassador Icon.pngForest Ambassador Lesser Potent
2 2 Forest ambassador Icon.pngForest Ambassador Potent Greater
3 3 Forest ambassador Icon.pngForest Ambassador, 1 any Ambassador Greater Sublime
Lesser Potent Greater Sublime
+3 Food +5 Food

If at least 7 Natura, +7 Food

+10 Food

If at least 14 Natura, +13 Food

+15 Food

If at least 30 Natura, +20 Food


Apply Aspect to To get Minimum Aspect level Minimum Source level
BLUE BERRY.png Blueberry APPLE TREE SMALL.png Apple Tree Lesser 1
STRAWBERRY SMALL.png Strawberry, APPLE TREE SMALL.png Apple Tree PEAR TREE SMALL.png Pear Tree Potent 1

PEAR TREE SMALL.png Pear Tree, CHERRY TREE MEDIUM.png Cherry Tree, PLUM TREE MEDIUM.png Plum Tree ORANGETREE LARGE.png Orange Tree Sublime 3
WITHEREDSHRUB SMALL.png Withered Shrub AGAVE SMALL.png Agave Lesser 1
AGAVE SMALL.png Agave DATE PALM SMALL.png Date Palm Potent 1
DATE PALM SMALL.png Date Palm, DESERT LIME MEDIUM.png Desert Lime CARDON CACTUS LARGE.png Cardon Cactus Sublime 3
ELDERBERRY SMALL.png Elderberry PINEAPPLE SMALL.png Pineapple Lesser 1
PINEAPPLE SMALL.png Pineapple PAPAYA SMALL.png Papaya Potent 1
PAPAYA SMALL.png Papaya, COFFEE TREE MEDIUM.png Coffea CACAO TREE LARGE.png Cacao Tree Sublime 3
KUMQUAT SMALL.png Kumquat, GINGER SMALL.png Ginger DRAGONFRUIT SMALL.png Dragonfruit Potent 1
DRAGONFRUIT SMALL.png Dragonfruit, Kiwifruit LYCHEE MEDIUM.png Lychee Greater 2


The Fruit Aspect greatly increases the Food Food produced by a Plant. At Potent or better, the Fruit Aspect provides more Food Food in high Natura Natura plots.

Placing a DANDELION SMALL.png Dandelion with a Leaf Aspect within 2 plots ofPEAR TREE SMALL.png Pear Trees with Fruit Aspects would provide enough Natura Natura to reap the full benefit of Potent Aspects. A Pear Tree synergizes with each Plant next to it, providing +10 Food and +5 Awe per nearby plant.

Patch 1 Patch 2 Patch 3 Patch 4
Lesser Leaf Aspect 3 Lesser Fruit Aspects 1 Lesser Fruit Aspect

2 Potent Fruit Aspects

2 Lesser Fruit Aspects

1 Potent Fruit Aspect

15 Technology, 7 Natura 34 Food, 7 Natura, 10 Awe 42 Food, 7 Natura, 10 Awe 26 Food, 2 Natura, 5 Awe

This layout provides a total of 102 Food, 15 Technology, and 25 Awe.

Patch 4 is quite low compared to patches 2 and 3 for two reasons. First, the Natura Natura range of the DANDELION SMALL.png Dandelion does not extend to patch 4, causing the Potent Fruit Aspect there to only be worth +5 Food. Second, the PEAR TREE SMALL.png Pear Tree on patch 4 is only next to one other Plant, missing out on +10 Food and +5 Awe.

Increase all the Aspects to Potent with several premeditated Fertility Boosts for even more food.

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