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Bonjour/Hello !

I sure will, if I get the thinks working as I intend to. =] If currently have some troubles with line breaks I don't want to have but don't know yet how to avoid them, so I'm testing a little bit. My goal is the one I mentioned in the forum: To make the use of resources (and later also projects, etc.) more consistent across languages and several pages. So for example if you want to write about a Blueberry somewhere all you have to do is the Blueberry template with two simple parameters: the language and how to show the blueberry, so e.g. writing only
{{Blueberry|table}} or {{Blueberry|info}}
This will produce either a table row like the one on the resource overview or the information box as can be found on the resource itself. The advantage is that the information about the Blueberry itself is only stored once, within the template. So it's not possible to accidentally use different values in both views. Also if the information ever changes (e.g. it now gives 20 food), maybe due to a game patch, only the Blueberry template has to be changed and all sites in all languages update the value automatically, which reduced the maintainence effort a lot.

At least this is the goal. =] It's already working in some aspects but as I said, I still haves some strange line break behaviour in the templates... If I get something working I will inform everyone on the forum and provide documentations on the templates.

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