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Useuse 的建议:
初级 Lesser
强力 Potent
大量|大规模 Greater
终极 Sublime
原初 <Startup>

Lesser Growth Aspect 少量生长素
Potent Leaf Aspect 强力叶绿素
Greater Crystal Aspect 大规模结晶
Lesser Reaction Aspect 初级化学反应
Sublime Reaction Aspect 终级化学反应


Jonwong 的建议

Translation of Concept's Name (概念的名称)


此概念的英文讲解:“Power-ups to place in natural sources. They represent a piece of power from a certain element, like 'Aspect of Growth' should invoke the feeling of a little more growth, and 'Aspect of the Hunt' that the animal is a bit more huntable.“

My analysis (in English):

Based on the above description, "property upgrade" should be the best translation for Chinese. Not the current "intensive care" given by Reus's TM.

It also shouldn't be "direction" or "facet", as is misunderstood by all Chinese translators thus far. If it were simply "a boost in a particular direction or facet", that doesn't denote a "limited and discrete number of boosts" for each natural resource.

I've added the word "talisman" at the back. In Reus, it looks like the Aspects are talismans applied to natural resources. And there are limited number of slots on each natural resource for these talismans.

For the Chinese, a more mythical "noun-ification" has better flavor and also makes the concept easier to comprehend at a glance.


根据以上的概念讲解,这概念的名称应该翻为 “属性加强”,而不是 “加护“。

也不该翻为 “方向” 或 “方面”。如果翻为 “进化方向",就不足于表示 Aspects 的 "限量离散 的加强”。每一个 自然资源 的 ”加强符 的 投放口“ 有限级离散(非 “续谱”)。

我也在 “属性加强“ 之后加了 ”“ 这字。对于中华玩家,这名称较有神秘及神话的感觉。况且,这游戏的 Aspects 的运用方法,真的很像神符。

Translation of Level (级别名称)

I may have dumped the flavor in my translation here. In English, besides a possible ambiguity between "Potent and "Greater", there is little confusion as to the ranking order of the levels.

In Chinese, however, there are at least 2 problems if I attempt to translate as is:

  • No direct (let alone flavorful) translation for Lesser and Greater that is not derogatory.
  • Complete confusion as to the ranking, if translated with flavor

The second problem is because Chinese complimentary adjectives all sound fantastic. (Yup, the Chinese are pretty good at flattering you.)

But do tell me if you really need flavorful translations. I'm only doing non-flavorful so that new players find it easier to come on board.

Amocoi 和 Useuse:对不起,没时间翻我以上的分析。有什么要我解释的,请尽管吩咐!:-)

Hence, these are my strongly recommended translations:

  • Lesser: 初级 (beginning level)
  • Potent: 中级 (middle level)
  • Greater: 高级 (high level)
  • Sublime: 顶级 (max level)
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