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The Hunt Aspect infuses Animals with Food Food and Danger Danger. A learned ability of the Forest Giant, this Aspect's effect on animal life increases the Food the animal generates on surrounding tiles, adding even more Food within a rich presence of Natura Natura.

The Hunt Aspect is not very effective in the Mountain.

Aspect Levels

Aspect level Ambassador(s) required 67% Chance 33% Chance
1 1 Desert ambassador Icon.pngDesert Ambassador Lesser Potent
2 2 Desert ambassador Icon.pngDesert Ambassador Potent Greater
3 2 Desert ambassador Icon.pngDesert Ambassador, 2 any Ambassador Greater Sublime
Lesser Potent Greater Sublime
+1 Food if at least 3 Natura +1 Food +1 Danger

+2 Food +1 Danger if at least 7 Natura

+2 Food +2 Danger

+3 Food +2 Danger if at least 14 Natura

+3 Food +2 Danger

+4 Food +2 Danger if at least 30 Natura


Apply Aspect to To get Minimum Aspect level Minimum Source level
CHICKEN.png Chicken BEAVER.png Beaver Lesser 1
BEAVER.png Beaver, FOX.png Fox BOAR.png Boar Potent 1
FOX.png Superior Fox BOAR.png Superior Boar Greater 1
RABBIT.png Rabbit, BEAVER.png Beaver WISENT.png Wisent Greater 2
DEER.png Deer, BOAR.png Boar, WISENT.png Wisent MOOSE.png Moose Sublime 3
KANGEROORAT.png Kangaroo Rat ARMADILO.png Armadillo Lesser 1
ARMADILO.png Armadillo JAVALINA.png Javelina Potent 1
JAVALINA.png Javelina, COYOTE.png Coyote BIGHORN.png Bighorn Sublime 3
GOAT.png Goat BULL.png Bull Sublime 3
FROG.png Frog, POISON DART FROG.png Poison Dart Frog OTTER.png Otter Lesser 1
OTTER.png Otter, IGUANA.png Iguana TAPIR.png Tapir Potent 1
IGUANA.png Superior Iguana TAPIR.png Superior Tapir Greater 1
TAPIR.png Tapir, BUFFALO.png Buffalo, CRANE.png Crane ORANGUTAN.png Orangutan Sublime 3
MARTEN.png Marten MUSKDEER.png Musk Deer Potent 1
MACKEREL.png Mackerel, CLOWNFISH.png Clownfish SEABASS.png Seabass Lesser 1
SEABASS.png Seabass, PARROTFISH.png Parrotfish MARLIN.png Marlin Greater 2
MARLIN.png Marlin DOLPHIN.png Dolphin Sublime 3


The Hunt Aspect greatly increases the Food Food and Danger Danger provided by an Animal. At Potent or better, the Hunt Aspect provides one more Food Food per animal range in high Natura Natura plots.

Since the Hunt Aspect adds about 5-10 danger (unless it is close enough to a village), placement needs to be well considered or the village could be overrun with dangerous creatures. Luckily, one or two Hunt Aspects can be an excellent method for keeping villages from warring with each other.

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