Toxic Aspect

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The Toxic Aspect infuses Plants with Technology Technology. A learned ability of the Swamp Giant, this Aspect's effect on plant life increases the Tech the plant generates, adding even more Tech within a rich presence of Natura Natura.

The Toxic Aspect is not very effective in the Mountain.

Aspect Levels

Aspect level Ambassador(s) required 67% Chance 33% Chance
1 1 Swamp ambassador Icon.pngSwamp Ambassador Lesser Potent
2 2 Swamp ambassador Icon.pngSwamp Ambassador Potent Greater
3 3 Swamp ambassador Icon.pngSwamp Ambassador, 1 any Ambassador Greater Sublime
Lesser Potent Greater Sublime
+3 Technology +5 Technology

+7 Technology if at least 7 Natura

+10 Technology

+13 Technology if at least 14 Natura

+15 Technology

+20 Technology if at least 30 Natura


Apply Aspect to To get Minimum Aspect level Minimum Source level
DANDELION SMALL.png Dandelion NIGHTSHADE SMALL.png Nightshade Lesser 1
NIGHTSHADE SMALL.png Nightshade FOXGLOVE SMALL.png Foxglove Potent 1
PLUM TREE MEDIUM.png Plum Tree, FOXGLOVE SMALL.png Foxglove SUNFLOWER LARGE.png Sunflower Sublime 3
WITHEREDSHRUB SMALL.png Withered Shrub BARREL CACTUS SMALL.png Barrel Cactus Lesser 1
BARREL CACTUS SMALL.png Barrel Cactus CHILI PEPPER MEDIUM.png Chili Pepper Greater 2
ALOE VERA SMALL.png Aloe Vera, CHILI PEPPER MEDIUM.png Chili Pepper OPIUM POPPY LARGE.png Opium Poppy Sublime 3
PEPPERMINT SMALL.png Peppermint MARSHMALLOW SMALL.png Marsh Mallow Lesser 1
MARSHMALLOW SMALL.png Marsh Mallow HEMP MEDIUM.png Hemp Lesser 1
WHITE WILLOW SMALL.png White Willow, COFFEE TREE MEDIUM.png Coffea, HEMP MEDIUM.png Hemp RUBBER TREE.png Rubber Tree Lesser 1
KUMQUAT SMALL.png Kumquat, GINGER SMALL.png Ginger DRAGONFRUIT SMALL.png Dragonfruit Potent 1
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