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This is a meta-template, which means that it should be used exclusively inside other templates to help adding multilingual support. Because this could end up being too big, which could possibly slow down the load time of articles, use only when really needed. For other solutions, take for example Template:Wealth or Template:Food as to how add multilingual support to a template without using MLsupport.

The method used on the Wealth and Food are preferred when creating small templates. using those on a template like See also would make it too messy.


Add the following code inside another template:

  • {{MLsupport|ML={{{language|}}}|term=TERM}}

Adding this will allow users to set the language of the template without having to use subpages. Remember to alter the TERM to the desired one to be translated.

For example, to translate the word and inside a template, use:

  • {{MLsupport|ML={{{language|}}}|term=and}}

This will automatically translate the word and to its correspondent on the desired language.

Note: if no language is set, it will default to English.

Adding words to the dictionary

To add a word to the dictionary, edit the template for the desired language. The list of templates can be found in the table below. Remember to add it in alphabetical order. Add a new line as


If the case someone uses this meta-template with a string that has no translation, it shows the english term and adds the page to a special category indicating that a translation is missing.

ISO code

Codes currently in use and their dicitonary template pages.

Language ISO Template Page
English ennote none
German de Template:DictionaryGerman
French fr Template:DictionaryFrench
Portuguese pt Template:DictionaryPortuguese
Swedish sv Template:DictionarySwedish
Dutch nl Template:DictionaryDutch
Russian ru Template:DictionaryRussian
Polish pl Template:DictionaryPolish
Spanish es Template:DictionarySpanish
Korean ko Template:DictionaryKorean
Chinese zh Template:DictionaryChinese
Traditional Chinese zh-Hant Template:DictionaryTraditionalChinese
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