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Welcome to the Reus Wiki! The game's developers and its community are constantly adding and updating information to this collaborative game manual. Head over to the Community Portal to find out what we have planned, make a suggestion for new content, or to find out how you can contribute!

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Reus is an indie god game developed by Abbey Games. The game is inspired by other god games like Populous, Civilization and Black & White but also by other games like The Binding of Isaac. The game allows players to take up the role of mother nature on a planet and create a utopia for humanity that settles on the planet.

Reus is available to players for €9.99 from a number of distributors including Steam and The game is currently only available for Windows but Abbey Games also plans to port the game to other popular PC platforms.

Reus Game Website
Home Button Beginning.png
WalkthroughHaving a tough time achieving developments? Take a look at some early game hints and walkthroughs to get you going!
Home Button Natural Sources.png
Natural SourcesDetailed information on all Plants, Animals and Minerals in Reus.
Home Button Resources.png
ResourcesWhat are resources in Reus and how do you get them.
Home Button Giants.png
GiantsEverything you need to know about the giants in Reus.
Home Button Biomes.png
BiomesInformation on biomes in Reus.
Home Button Aspects.png
AspectsMore details about the tools for success.
Home Button Projects.png
ProjectsA comprehensive list of all projects that villagers can start in Reus.
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