Growth Aspect

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The Growth Aspect infuses Plants with Food Food and Natura Natura. A basic ability of the Ocean Giant, this Aspect's effect on plant life increases the Food and Natura the plant generates. It is one of two Aspects that adds Natura, the other being the Leaf Aspect.

Aspect Levels

Aspect level Ambassador(s) required 67% Chance 33% Chance
1 none Lesser Potent
2 2 Desert ambassador Icon.pngDesert Ambassador Potent Greater
3 3 Desert ambassador Icon.pngDesert Ambassador, 1 any Ambassador Greater Sublime
Lesser Potent Greater Sublime
+2 Food +1 Natura +4 Food +2 Natura +8 Food +3 Natura +12 Food +4 Natura


Apply Aspect to To get Minimum Aspect level Minimum Source level
BLUE BERRY.png Blueberry STRAWBERRY SMALL.png Strawberry Lesser 1
STRAWBERRY SMALL.png Strawberry, APPLE TREE SMALL.png Apple Tree CHERRY TREE MEDIUM.png Cherry Tree Greater 2

CHERRY TREE MEDIUM.png Cherry Tree, PLUM TREE MEDIUM.png Plum Tree OAK LARGE.png Oak Sublime 3
WITHEREDSHRUB SMALL.png Withered Shrub AGAVE SMALL.png Agave Lesser 1
AGAVE SMALL.png Agave DESERT LIME MEDIUM.png Desert Lime Potent 1
DATE PALM SMALL.png Date Palm, DESERT LIME MEDIUM.png Desert Lime CARDON CACTUS LARGE.png Cardon Cactus Sublime 3
PEPPERMINT SMALL.png Peppermint TOMATO SMALL.png Tomato Lesser 1
TOMATO SMALL.png Tomato, PINEAPPLE SMALL.png Pineapple COFFEE TREE MEDIUM.png Coffea Potent 1
PAPAYA SMALL.png Papaya, COFFEE TREE MEDIUM.png Coffea CACAO TREE LARGE.png Cacao Tree Sublime 3
TOMATO SMALL.png Tomato BRAZILWOOD LARGE.png Brazilwood Sublime 3
DRAGONFRUIT SMALL.png Dragonfruit CINNAMOMUM MEDIUM.png Cinnamomum Greater 2
LYCHEE MEDIUM.png Lychee, CINNAMOMUM MEDIUM.png Cinnamomum, TEA PLANT MEDIUM.png Tea Plant GINKGO LARGE.png Ginkgo Sublime 3
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