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The Exotic Aspect infuses Animals with Wealth Wealth. A learned ability of the Mountain Giant, this Aspect's effect on animal life increases the Wealth Wealth the animal generates on surrounding tiles, adding even more Wealth within a rich presence of Natura Natura.

The Exotic Aspect is not very effective in the Swamp.

Aspect Levels

Aspect level Ambassador(s) required 67% Chance 33% Chance
1 1 Forest ambassador Icon.pngForest Ambassador Lesser Potent
2 2 Forest ambassador Icon.pngForest Ambassador Potent Greater
3 2 Forest ambassador Icon.pngForest Ambassador, 2 any Ambassador Greater Sublime
Lesser Potent Greater Sublime
+1 Wealth if at least 3 Natura +1 Wealth

+2 Wealth if at least 7 Natura

+2 Wealth

+3 Wealth if at least 14 Natura

+3 Wealth

+4 Wealth if at least 30 Natura


Apply Aspect to To get Minimum Aspect level Minimum Source level
STOAT.png Stoat BEAVER.png Beaver Lesser 1
BOAR.png Boar, WOLF.png Wolf BEAR.png Bear Sublime 3
DESERT TORTOISE.png Desert Tortoise ARMADILO.png Armadillo Lesser 1
ARMADILO.png Armadillo, RATTLE SNAKE.png Rattlesnake GREYFOX.png Grey Fox Potent 1
GREYFOX.png Grey Fox, COYOTE.png Coyote, GILA MONSTER.png Gila Monster BOB CAT.png Bobcat Sublime 3
FROG.png Frog, POISON DART FROG.png Poison Dart Frog IGUANA.png Iguana Lesser 1
OTTER.png Otter, IGUANA.png Iguana CRANE.png Crane Potent 1
IGUANA.png Iguana KOMODO DRAGON.png Komodo Dragon Greater 2
MONAL.png Monal MUSKDEER.png Musk Deer Potent 1
MUSKDEER.png Musk Deer, Pangolin.png Pangolin LANGUR MONKEY.png Langur Monkey Greater 2
YAK.png Yak, LANGUR MONKEY.png Langur Monkey, SNOWLEOPARD.png Snow Leopard PANDA.png Panda Sublime 3
MACKEREL.png Mackerel, CLOWNFISH.png Clownfish PARROTFISH.png Parrotfish Lesser 1
PARROTFISH.png Parrotfish ANGLERFISH.png Anglerfish Greater 2
PARROTFISH.png Parrotfish DOLPHIN.png Dolphin Sublime 3
MARLIN.png Marlin, ANGLERFISH.png Anglerfish SHARK.png White Shark Sublime 3
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