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레우스에 업데이트된 패치 버전 및 내용 목록입니다. 각각의 명칭에 대해선 레우스 영어-한글 단어집을 참고해주세요.



  • 탐욕도위험도와 함께 내려가지 않도록 수정되었습니다.
  • 유명 여관이 제공하는 식량/부 보너스가 +25에서 +15로 하향 조정되었습니다.
  • 여행자와 모험가들의 안식처가 제공하는 식량/부 보너스가 +25에서 +15로 하향 조정되었습니다.
  • 여행 학자여행 상인이 제공하는 보너스의 수치가 +25에서 +15로 하향 조정되었습니다.
  • 낚시 시설 효과를 다소 수정하였습니다.
  • 종교 연회 효과를 다소 수정하였습니다.
  • 세계유산 효과를 다소 수정하였습니다.
  • 천산갑을 다소 수정하였습니다.
  • 모험가의 동굴 효과를 다소 수정하였습니다.
  • 용광로 효과를 다소 수정하였습니다.
  • 해바라기 관련 문제를 해결하였습니다.
  • 우라늄 관련 문제를 해결하였습니다.
  • 프로젝트 팝업창 관련 문제를 해결하였습니다.
  • 비버 설명란을 다소 수정하였습니다.
  • 관련 문제를 해결하였습니다.
  • 돌연변이 미치광이 과학자 효과를 다소 수정하였습니다.
  • 튜토리얼 관련 문제를 해결하였습니다.
  • 실험실 건물을 다소 수정하였습니다.
  • 공장자동화 설비 효과를 다소 수정하였습니다.
  • 병원약품 연구 효과를 다소 수정하였습니다.


This patch was applied the 31 May 2013 and is also numbered (after correction of some minor bugs).


  • First project will always spawn next to a city.
  • Added advanced tooltips option.
  • A new plant appears!
  • A new animal appears!
  • 5 new projects appear!
  • 2 new Development appears!
  • 12 new challenges appear!


  • Changed Langur Monkey to work with Ginkgo
  • changed max stacks of massive schools to 2 instead of 3, and gave the Mackerel a new symbiosis: Simple (giving reduced aspect slots)
  • Opium Poppy now only needs 2 plants for endless fields. Raised Powerful drug to 50 tech and 50 wealth.
  • changed (Great) Wisent to give (2)1 food for each 4 flora.
  • nerfed Coal to infinity and beyond: Kindle bonus is now +2 Wealth and +2 Tech for each Awe (double power of hemp/Panda)
  • Marten to Musk Deer transmutation now only works with a Hunt Aspect.
  • Musk Deer now needs 2 danger for quick escape.
  • Lowered the Crocodiles base danger to 1. Lowered komodo dragon base danger to 0. Increased crocodile terror bonus to +6.
  • Reduced Orange Trees Rampant Growth to 3 food instead of 4.
  • Cacao Trees manufacture sweets bonus raised to 80 food from 40 food.
  • Reduced Bobcats Biodiversity bonus to 6 from 8


  • changed improved nets to catch seabasses instead of mackerel
  • 'Steel Animal Idols' of the Blast Furnace now also accepts Iguanas and Rattle Snakes. gives 50 tech/wealth instead of 25, and stacks up to 4 times.
  • 'Agricultural Machinery' bonus now yields for every 2 Tech.
  • Chemist team and genius chemist power reduced to 100% from 150%. Range of genius chemist reduced to 2.
  • Genesis Story bonus raised to +100 wealth from 75 wealth.
  • Narcotics Inc: +150/75 wealth and +50/25 awe from +100/75 and +25/15
  • Medcine Lab: +75 food and +75 wealth from +50 food and +25 wealth.
  • 'Tyrant King' gives 100 food instead of 75 food.
  • both Lighthouse Neighbor requirement reduced to 1 from 2.
  • Multinational bonus for sources raised to +25/+5 from +15/+3
  • Added a new specialization to the fishing docks.


  • Fixed Silver to Diamond bug
  • Fixed Ruby to go on Desert only
  • Fixed text for most projects
  • fixed tooltips ocean and exotic aspect
  • Fixed Teaplant bug!
  • Fixed tooltips of superior goat and deer
  • Fixed some unlocks descriptions
  • Fixed Cherry Tooltip
  • Factoid of the Great Wark Shark now available


This patch was applied the 20 May 2013.


  • Changed aspect ability chance ratio from 75%-25% to 67%-33%, giving a higher chance for better aspects.
  • Changed the Chilipepper to give 30/60 tech instead of 20/40 tech in the 'Ground for Medicinal Peppers' synergy.
  • Changed the Diamond synergy to make it more easy to use.

Gameplay fixes

  • Fixed some specializations
  • Fixed Ruby's requirement
  • Fixed Cardon Cactus symbiosis

Technical fixes

  • Crash while saving a game with a project that asked for the destruction of another city
  • Removed all dependencies on System fonts added different fonts and bundled them with the game.
  • Enable VSync by default and added an option to the menu
  • Hitting escape in the intromovies no longer asks if you want to quit the game at startup
  • Fixed cooldown cheat
  • Fixed some textual stupidities in tooltips and other places
  • Added requirement UI to Opera: 'There are at least 4 other villages'
  • Some changes in tutorial 2
  • Fixed other rare crashes
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