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Here is the changelog with all the patches that have been applied to Reus.


Patch 1.5.0

This patch was applied the 21 May 2017.

It’s Reus’ birthday! To celebrate, we’re giving Reus some love with an update.

What’s new?

  • Mac and Linux versions for Reus! We’ve eliminated crashes and improved performance. Reus should now run great on Mac and Linux.
  • Overall better performance and small quality of life improvements, like much requested improvements to the UI text.
  • Official Chinese Translations!

If you encounter problems, please let us know. We've moved the old 1.4 version to the [legacy] branch for your convenience.

We hope you have fun with Patch 1.5!

Patch 1.4.0

This patch was applied the 30 August 2015.

In celebration of the upcoming release of our new game Renowned Explorers: International Society on September 2nd, we updated Reus!

New sources

  • The Dolphin is now available in your seas!
  • Natural Gas can now be mined!
  • The Chinese crane can now roam your swamps!
  • The Azure lakes are now available in your forests!
  • The Oak Tree can now grow in your forests!

For the Russian players: we have also added the Russian community translation to the game.

Happy world building!

Patch 1.3.0

  • Added translations to French, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and Dutch
  • Added the Cathedral Project
  • Added the Canal City Project
  • Added the Inventor's Tower Project
  • Added the Brazilwood Plant
  • Added the Bull Animal
  • Silver now needs Crystal to transmute from Onyx, and Seismic to transmute from Iron
  • Crocodile sunbath bonus changed to +15
  • Crocodile Swampterror bonus changed to +25

Known Issues

  • We missed some texts in the translation project. You will recognize this when text is still in English, despite having selected another language.
  • Some texts aren't translated in Crowdin yet. You can recognize this if there's blank space where there should be text. You can fix this yourself by going onto Crowdin, which you can open (in the Steam) overlay from ingame or in your browser.
  • Some texts may be mistranslated. You can also go onto Crowdin to fix this yourself.
  • Some texts in menu's overflow the boxes they're in.
  • Some texts in loading screens overflow the boxes they're in.


  • Fixed greed not lowering with danger
  • Lowered Famous Inn from 25 food and wealth to 15
  • Lowered Tourists and Adventurer's den from 25 food/wealth to 15.
  • Lowered Research Tourists and Wealthy Tourists from 25 to 15
  • Fixed Fishing Sport
  • Fixed Holy Banquet
  • Fixed World Heritage
  • Fixed Pangolin
  • Fixed CHallenger Cave
  • Fixed Steel Melters
  • Fixed Sunflower crash
  • Fixed Uranium crash
  • Fixed weird projects popping up
  • Fixed Beaver tooltip
  • Fixed Iron
  • Fixed Mad Scientist Mutants
  • Fixed Tutorial crash
  • Fixed Laboratory automatongeneer
  • Fixed Factory Tireless Tycoon
  • Fixed Hospitals Medicine Lab


This patch was applied the 31 May 2013 and is also numbered (after correction of some minor bugs).


  • First project will always spawn next to a city.
  • Added advanced tooltips option.
  • A new plant appears!
  • A new animal appears!
  • 5 new projects appear!
  • 2 new Development appears!
  • 12 new challenges appear!


  • Changed Langur Monkey to work with Ginkgo
  • changed max stacks of massive schools to 2 instead of 3, and gave the Mackerel a new symbiosis: Simple (giving reduced aspect slots)
  • Opium Poppy now only needs 2 plants for endless fields. Raised Powerful drug to 50 tech and 50 wealth.
  • changed (Great) Wisent to give (2)1 food for each 4 flora.
  • nerfed Coal to infinity and beyond: Kindle bonus is now +2 Wealth and +2 Tech for each Awe (double power of hemp/Panda)
  • Marten to Musk Deer transmutation now only works with a Hunt Aspect.
  • Musk Deer now needs 2 danger for quick escape.
  • Lowered the Crocodiles base danger to 1. Lowered komodo dragon base danger to 0. Increased crocodile terror bonus to +6.
  • Reduced Orange Trees Rampant Growth to 3 food instead of 4.
  • Cacao Trees manufacture sweets bonus raised to 80 food from 40 food.
  • Reduced Bobcats Biodiversity bonus to 6 from 8


  • changed improved nets to catch seabasses instead of mackerel
  • 'Steel Animal Idols' of the Blast Furnace now also accepts Iguanas and Rattle Snakes. gives 50 tech/wealth instead of 25, and stacks up to 4 times.
  • 'Agricultural Machinery' bonus now yields for every 2 Tech.
  • Chemist team and genius chemist power reduced to 100% from 150%. Range of genius chemist reduced to 2.
  • Genesis Story bonus raised to +100 wealth from 75 wealth.
  • Narcotics Inc: +150/75 wealth and +50/25 awe from +100/75 and +25/15
  • Medcine Lab: +75 food and +75 wealth from +50 food and +25 wealth.
  • 'Tyrant King' gives 100 food instead of 75 food.
  • both Lighthouse Neighbor requirement reduced to 1 from 2.
  • Multinational bonus for sources raised to +25/+5 from +15/+3
  • Added a new specialization to the fishing docks.


  • Fixed Silver to Diamond bug
  • Fixed Ruby to go on Desert only
  • Fixed text for most projects
  • fixed tooltips ocean and exotic aspect
  • Fixed Teaplant bug!
  • Fixed tooltips of superior goat and deer
  • Fixed some unlocks descriptions
  • Fixed Cherry Tooltip
  • Factoid of the Great Wark Shark now available


This patch was applied the 20 May 2013.


  • Changed aspect ability chance ratio from 75%-25% to 67%-33%, giving a higher chance for better aspects.
  • Changed the Chilipepper to give 30/60 tech instead of 20/40 tech in the 'Ground for Medicinal Peppers' synergy.
  • Changed the Diamond synergy to make it more easy to use.

Gameplay fixes

  • Fixed some specializations
  • Fixed Ruby's requirement
  • Fixed Cardon Cactus symbiosis

Technical fixes

  • Crash while saving a game with a project that asked for the destruction of another city
  • Removed all dependencies on System fonts added different fonts and bundled them with the game.
  • Enable VSync by default and added an option to the menu
  • Hitting escape in the intromovies no longer asks if you want to quit the game at startup
  • Fixed cooldown cheat
  • Fixed some textual stupidities in tooltips and other places
  • Added requirement UI to Opera: 'There are at least 4 other villages'
  • Some changes in tutorial 2
  • Fixed other rare crashes
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